The Angels’ Share


The Angels’ Share

It’s not just the future that comes at you quickly, for Pearl McCann the past is a tornado that’s about to tear her life apart.

Pearl has long been at odds with the world, working in disaster zones, saving her conscience from a privileged upbringing. She is often charmless, sarcastic, frequently obnoxious but equally determined to do the right thing and to fight causes that others ignore.

Returning to the UK she faces the legacy of an extraordinary inheritance, a heart stopping revelation on her brother’s death and a family falling apart with the discovery that their father is not all he seemed. His history as a Global Tobacco executive always suggested questions where few good answers would come.

Pearl finds herself under pressure from her father’s business associates chasing debts. She is determined not to give them a penny until she uncovers the source of the money and the truth behind her brother’s death in Kenya. There she discovers The Angel’s Share and a string of horrific crimes hidden in plain sight

Inspiring, empowering and revealing, The Angels’ Share is not just the unveiling of one person’s life but opens the book on a world we find so easy to ignore.