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SG Norris – A Potted History

There has been many an eyebrow raised as people who’ve known me for years discover that I have been putting pen to paper and writing books. A curious look follows as people wonder how the Steve Norris they know could have done it and what I could possibly have to say that anyone would read. Then the thought process goes through a full circle. Not everyone will have the patience, time or energy to write books but there is always something to say.

That’s what inspires me. I enjoy peaking under carpet of everyday life and seeing what’s hidden underneath. It’s easy to imagine in the sometimes harsh world we live in that not everyone is motivated for the greater good. Writers always like to create spectacular bad guys as you create a virtual world of revenge and horror. The harder part is to bring out the inner good guy, torn between creating an unbelievable superman and an inconsequential Clark Kent. I like my characters to be closer to Kent, embedded in flawed reality, but with one extra dimension we all could do with; the desire to do something about the wrongs they are faced with.

Those who know me, know this isn’t the day job but who cares. The two things are completely separate and ensure that what I write keeps me away from controversy. Much as I love writing, it doesn’t pay enough bills, so will be committed to giving my customers an ongoing service until I blag a Hollywood film deal. Any offers given serious consideration.

The Angel’s Share brings about my fourth full novel whilst Short Stories litter my web pages. I hope people enjoy this outing as the style and genre changes significantly from the earlier stories. For those who’ve read my work before thanks for coming back and forgiving some of the earlier quality issues. I hope you will find The Angels’ Share an enjoyable change of style.

Comments and feedback are always welcome.