Death of a Kingdom


Britain has waited forty years for a referendum on membership of the European Union and the government is forming a powerful case for going it alone.

The murder of a French politician in a Paris street and a Dutch activist at a political conference raises the stakes further when the finger of blame is pointed at a British killer.

Joe Barker, freelance journalist, attempts to keep a low profile at the same conference, but unwittingly attracts the attention of an unlikely assassin. The Dutch Police fail to protect him when Joe stares death in the face.

Rachel Lancaster, recovering from her own brush with death, befriends an old man with the extraordinary story of a shameful undercurrent of anti-Semitism in post-war Britain. When the old man disappears, Rachel has no choice but to look for him, a search that uncovers a political scandal of catastrophic proportions.

In London the spin machine is ablaze with fanatical anti-EU horror. Fiona Bowden, Europe Minister falls victim to social media bullying as she tries to argue reasonably for a reformed EU. Simon Rayner, at the wheel of the Out Campaign, bulldozes through the political landscape with narcissistic ambition and an appetite for sexual harassment.

A campaign that feeds on fear and scandal takes the story to the back streets of Europe, returning to London for a vote that surely has only one outcome. The consequences for the UK and Europe are played out as lies have greater currency than truth. A blockbuster topical story that you won’t want to put down. S.G.Norris uncovers the sinister side of twenty first century politics and media.