The Black Opal – 2022

The Angels’ Share – 2020

The Revolution Series : Joe Barker and Rachel Lancaster 



It’s an odd thing to describe myself as a writer because that is not really how I ever saw myself. Largely this is because it’s not what pays the bills. And because I don’t sit in the same category of the professionals, there is a temptation to feel like I’m playing at it. I’ve also found that all the time I’ve been doing this, it feels like it’s a learning exercise. The more I write, the more I learn and develop my voice and my style.

I started writing to find a way to express all the opinions and stories that come from life. I never saw my experiences as any more than others but I did find I could express ideas through the characters I create. I wanted to chart the ordinary as extraordinary. I wanted the heroes to be flawed and recognisable to the reader but then to cook them in the pot of brooding ideas. The privilege of writing is to tell the stories of anyone I wish, invade a strangers head and take them on a journey I chose.  Like stealing someone else’s fancy car and taking it out for a day going through all the gears to see how fast it will go. It’s a thrilling experience and I encourage all to try it.

What to write about it? I struggled with that for a while picking on subjects I thought I understood. But that is like playing the same game each time. Better to enter areas I never been, explore ideas, places and feelings that are new. This is where I find myself, writing more and more about what I don’t know and letting my characters teach me what’s right and wrong.

More than anything, I’m delighted and humbled by those that take their time to read what I produce. This makes it all worth it.