We were meant to be together.

The moment fate placed you at my door, the die was cast. Even now, years later I feel the same. I look at you and though you’re not the same and I’m different too, my feelings remain as solid as the walls of our beautiful home.

You always loved this house, I think in the early days you loved it more than me. You think I don’t notice these things Alice, but I do. You were so fragile when we first met, always those stories of neglect as a child, ignored by your parents as one in a family of ten, then bullied by your sisters. Too pretty by far I can imagine, Cinderella dreaming of her Prince. Then you found me, your prayer answered, an attentive husband, a perfect home.

I told you then as I do now, I would make those dreams come true. I gave you the cottage, the perfect country kitchen, the views onto the flower meadow, the river leading out to the bay, all from your window.

We’ve been so happy here. There were difficult moments of course, every couple has them, but we got through that. You were a little too demanding in those days. My fault… I gave you too much too quickly, it was inevitable you would want more. I had to teach you that life had its rules…its limitations. It took time for you to properly understand.

When you came home with the cutest puppy, a little present for us both, can you imagine how hard it was for me to have to drown the poor little thing in the river? It didn’t deserve that, but that was your fault, remember the rules. Then you got it into your head that we needed children to make a family home. Couldn’t you grasp that things were just perfect as they were? I’m sorry made you cry. I hoped that was enough for you to listen properly. A little time to yourself in the bedroom to recover should have solved the problem. Sadly it turned into terrible period for both of us. It took quite some time to repair the damage after you tried to leave.

I don’t blame you for the child thing, I know you would have been a perfect mother and I’m sure your body didn’t help, all those hormones telling you one thing, and silly old me telling you it wasn’t important. Do you think it was your hormones that made you want to run away? Maybe they drove you a little crazy, I know you still loved me, you told me so many times. It couldn’t possibly be that you truly wanted to leave.

Still, we moved on, now we live in peace and harmony. I only wish you would touch me the way you used to. You had such soft fingers that could seek out every nerve, igniting my desire. I remember your face, and your smile, bright lips on rosy pink cheeks. Sadly we’ve both grown old, we are what we are. Me, with my creaky back, and knees that don’t seem to work anymore, and you…well even though you’ve been cold for some time now, we’re still together, still happy. I leave you in your favourite chair, staring out the window at the view, confident that you are in the one place you always wanted to be, and my proudest thought is that nothing can take you from me. I wish things could be as they were, but darling Alice, at least we know we will always be together.

© S.G.Norris