In this Together

Millions face the same news, misery poured on a lack of hope

The world we know is to end unless we can work as one.

We’re all in it together!
Charles the banker wails over his bonus cut to half

Sally the librarian cries at her final notice period

George the politician bemoans his media over a tot of brandy

Clive the shareholder balks at a market always on the wain

Paul at the corner shop empties his pockets with the keys to the landlord

Sir Trevor the executive smiles at his balance sheet, lighter by a thousand jobs

Alice the pensioner waits at the stop wondering if the bus will ever come
The padlocks clang on yards filled with brick and mortar, but no hands to meld them

Ancient terraces boarded and unsafe stand by people asleep in the street

People freeze, debts grow, money disappears

Violence and demand replace work and reward
The news takes another turn

Supermarkets count the zero’s on their profits

Celebrities line up at the studio for another guest appearance

An artificial star is born created by TV to give hope for you and me

It’s good to know we’re in this together


© S.G.Norris